25 Years Of Experience

For over 25 years, Compuskills Professional Career Training Center prides itself on being one of the greatest facilitators of high level, professional training, enabling its students to invest in themselves and in their future. Through classroom based courses and online study programs, Compuskills graduates are empowered to become serious professionals, with the skills, knowledge, and confidence acquired throughout their training.

Make Your Dream A Reality

Recognized by the Ministry of Commerce in Israel and Charter Oak State College in the U.S., Compuskills’ students make their dreams a reality by receiving official qualifications to enter their desired career with increased earning power.

Due to Compuskills’ sterling and long standing reputation over the years, businesses know to contact Compuskills to obtain referrals from their alumnae base to become trusted employees. During this past year alone, dozens of students have been placed in choice jobs such as positions in Mishpacha magazine, News Link Publication and TheYeshivaWorldNews.com.

Specialize In The Field You Love

The large selection of courses attracts those who seek to fulfill their creative, artistic or technical needs. Students thrive on the challenge Compuskills provides to develop and expand their skills and talents to specialize in the field they love.

Centrally located across from the Jerusalem Central Bus Station and Center One, the separate classes for men and women make a comfortable environment for all.

Subsidies and grants are available in assisting tuition fees for those who are eligible.