Compuskills is proud to announce a full B.S. in Information Technology. This option will earn the student a B.S. degree as an IT professional while at the same time earning a certificate in Full Stack Web Programming at Compuskills.
The Program
Students will enroll in the Full Stack Web Programming Course at Compuskills, a one year intensive track which prepares the student to work as a software developer. At the same time, the student will work towards her B.S. degree in Information Technology which parallels the Compuskills track and grants credit towards the degree. In addition, the student will complete the rest of the concentration requirements as well as the general education and other courses necessary to complete the degree.
About the Degree
A college degree is composed of 120 credits, and there are many choices in completing the entire 120 credits. The price quoted above is based on the standard Compuskills guidance plan for this degree and based on the prices at the college at the time of this writing. Students have the option to add a concentration in Cyber Security, Network Operations, or Information Security. Students also have a few choices for the general education credits. Therefore, the price quoted above is an approximation.
The Full Stack Web Programming Course will begin on Oct 28th, 2017 and finish June 30th 2018. The B.S. IT option will begin in September.
Students have the option to register for the Compuskills Full Stack Web Programming course with or without the B.S. in Information Technology.
Students from the previous year at Compuskills are currently working as programmers in Yerushalayim without a degree. The degree option will take more effort and energy and will give you a larger scope of knowledge which will make you a better candidate for a higher level job.
What if you need help?
Self-study is not always easy and you may have trouble with a course. If you are having difficulty with any of the courses or tests – do not suffer quietly. Tutoring may be arranged for a course, or an alternative course may be available. Most problems are easily solved if you just let us know.
How to Plan for Success?
Since the degree is intense, it is necessary to plan for success. Compuskills has planned for your success by scheduling daily learning time for the entire group of degree seeking students. One of the main secrets to success is scheduling and maintaining the same weekly schedule from the start until the finish point.
Motivation is key
It must be stressed, that this degree is an independent study degree and that it is not a “shortcut” or an “easy way out” to get a degree in a hurry. Nor is success guaranteed. It is a valid, no-nonsense approach to earning a degree which takes time, serious studying, and the fortitude to stick to the schedule - course after course - until the finish point. Those that stick to the plan reap the benefits of a real degree for a fraction of the cost and in less than half the time as a traditional degree.