Compuskills has courses taking place throughout the year however our main semesters begin after the Sukkos and Pesach holidays.

Compuskills is located in central Jerusalem right across from Tachana Merkazit.

Our teachers are experienced professionals in the field with much knowledge and insight to share with our students.

Our computer labs have computers for every student to use in class; however, we do recommend students having access to a computer to complete homework

Depending on the course, homework varies yet Compuskills sees homework as essential practice to consolidate your skills to become a professional in the field.

Depending on the course, previous knowledge may or may not be needed.

Our dedicated advisors would be very happy to discuss your options with you to figure out which courses would be most suitable to your skills and talents.

A Compuskills certificate is awarded for completion of every course and many of our courses receive certification from  the Ministry of Economy.

Compuskills has an excellent reputation in Israel and many companies are very satisfied with our graduates.

Compuskills looks out for our students and we receive many job offers to present to our students so that they can head out into the field, yet it is not possible to guarantee.

The course costs vary; please be in touch to find out about the cost of the courses you are interested in. We do have great packages available upon request.

If you are eligible, grants are available at Compuskills from MASA, Misrad Haklita, Bituach Leumi, Lishkat HaTaastka, Kemach & Mafteach. Bet Shemesh residents may apply for aid from L’maan Achai. You can also get a free loan from the Israel Free Loan Society; see

Depending on the course, certain supplies be may be necessary or printing costs may be additional. For those taking the Ministry of Economy test there is a testing fee to be administered.

Some courses are available online and more are offered online each semester; check with our registrar to find out if your course is available online.

Attendance is absolutely mandatory and poor attendance almost always affects the students’ grades. Courses in conjunction with the  Ministry of Economy (including Graphics, and Web Development) have 85% minimum attendance to earn the certificate.

Students with excellent attendance usually excel and we usually recommend these students for jobs. It’s difficult for us to recommend students with poor attendance for job opportunities.

Just go to the Adobe website at and sign up for it as a student. They don’t usually ask for proof that you are a student. However, if they do ask for proof, contact us for a student letter.

Go to Microsoft at and download the program. The Office Administration course includes: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Access. The Microsoft professional includes all of these. So does Office Personal 365; however, the Office versions that say 365 are yearly subscriptions which means you are charged a fee every year.