Compuskills has been offering Professional Career Training in Jerusalem for the past 25 years and is proud to present the opportunity to now be able to participate in a MASA program*. Customized for religious Jewish women newly arriving to Israel, this financial aid can help cover up to 95% of tuition for this empowering program, where participants can take advantage of our valuable career training, as well as experiencing Israel and the beauty of Judaism.

This unique opportunity enables students to thrive by taking part of a structured, accomplishing framework, while enjoying the friendly, social environment that Compuskills has to offer. As part of a group of individuals beginning the same path, students feel supported in the construction of their lives and their career. Upon completion of this 10 month program, students are confident to enter the work field they desire as certified professionals.


New sessions begin throughout the year so, please contact the main office to enquire about the next upcoming program. Our representatives are happy to assist you in the registration process.


* The MASA Israel Journey is a joint project of the Government of Israel and the Jewish Agency